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New here? No problem!- check out the frequently asked questions below.

Q: What is the difference between a drop-off and a waiting appointment?

A: Waiting appointments are blocked off slots at a specific time - for you to wait on premise for the service you are getting. (services include: inspection & emissions,oil changes, small repairs, bulbs, flat repairs.)


Drop-off appointments are where you drop off either overnight or the morning of the day you booked your appointment.

(these appointments can go into the next day depending on the job, and usually do not have a specific time they would be done that day.)

Q: Do we install customer bought parts?

A: For general repairs, no. However if you are interested in aftermarket upgrades

(such as exhaust systems, hitches, etc.) It will be decided on a case by case basis. Call the shop to ask before scheduling as we may not do them.

Q: Do we offer payment plans, accept postdated checks, or accept partial payments?

A: As of Mid-march 2020 we do not offer payment plans anymore, posted dated checks should be no longer than 2 days, and we do not accept partial payments. Please make arrangements to have the payment in full before or upon completion of your vehicle. In some circumstances you may be asked to put a deposit down on your bill before continuing the job (usually on special order parts or bills over $600)


Q: Do we charge a storage fee?


A: If your car is being worked on for an extended period of time or if we are waiting for parts for your vehicle - we do not charge a storage fee. If your vehicle is completed you have 2 business days to pick up your vehicle or a $20 per day charge will be added to your bill. Texts, voicemails, or emails (if on file) are ALWAYS sent out notifying you of completion. If you do not receive them or are unable to pick up - call the shop to avoid these fees.

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